calcium Vitamin chelated Mineral Bolus

calcium Vitamin chelated Mineral Bolus
Product Description



Each boli contains

-Vitamin A 5750 I.U,       -Vitamin D3 1150 I.U,

-Vitamin E 650 mcg,       -Calcium 480 mg,

-Copper 5 mg,               -Cobalt 0.25 mg,

-Ferrous (iron) 24 mg,     -Iodine 5 mg,

-Manganese 95 mg,        -Magnesium 32 mg,

-Phosphrous 320 mg,       -Selenium 1 mg, -Zinc 5 mg 


 30 boli containers 


  • For optimal follicular growth 
  • To improve conception rates in repeat breeders 
  • To improve immune responses and vaccination titers 
  • To effectively meet animals niacin requirements 
  • In primary and secondary anorexic conditions 
  • To bring back animal on feed 


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